Could Our Dignity Range Help You?

The whole premise of the Dignity range is to assist those that are living with physical and mental impairments. But how have these items been specially designed to do this? Read on to find out.

Vitrified Earthenware
This adds stamina to the dishes and allows them to be extra strong. This makes any item within the range less likely to break if they are dropped.

To allow the cups and teapots easy to use, the handles have been made to be big enough to allow two fingers to slip through easily. This is as well as the rims on the plates and bowls being raised for additional support, which makes them easier to scoop food from.

To allow the dishes to be easily differentiated and to be seen, they have been designed in three bold bright colours – which are yellow, green and white.

There are also some regular shaped crockery within the range, this enables continuity and co-ordination for the non-sufferers.

Ease of use
All the items within the range help to make eating and drinking easy. Whilst still maintaining nutrition and hydration.

All of these attributes allow the Dignity range easy to use for those with Dementia and Alzheimers. It was made after extensive research and testing was carried out by Stirling University Dementia Services Development Centre. The director at the centre, June Andrews, commented that “Eating and drinking is very important in Dementia… People with Dementia sometimes have special requirements. They need coloured plates that allow them to see what they are eating, and the plates need to be easy to use with rims to help scooping and lifting of food. If it is not a picnic, there should be no plastic.”